Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Sweet Friendships

We've made some friends at New Beginnings! :) The part-time guy that has been at New Beginnings for 5 years is an amazing young dad of 3 of the cutest kids! His name is Matt and I am so excited that our kids are all around the same ages.  Creighton and Mati are a few months apart and have formed a very sweet little friendship! Creighton and Mati played and played and played nonstop!!!!!
 Brooks just turned 8 this month and Chandler and Jackson are only a few months apart.  Brooks is sweet to play with just about everyone....that kid is awesome!  Jackson and Chandler really like playing together, especially video games and rough housing! ;) Jeff of course was in on the action and EVERYONE had a great time!
 After dinner (and after Charleigh went down) we calmed things down with MOVIE TIME! They all were so cute and had so much fun.  6 kids within 7 years of each other under 8 was a little crazy, but never not fun! :) It was easier than I thought though...they entertained themselves for the most part!  We had them all together for almost 10 hours!
I am so grateful for these sweet kids who have accepted my kids as their friends...and likewise.  It's the beginning of a great relationship on all ends.  We are getting to know Matt as well and I love that Jeff has a friend in Matt as well!  Sweet times...

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