Sunday, February 17, 2008

On their way...

Today I got up and went to church and it was SO hard to get up this morning. I had to make myself get out of bed! It was a good day though. Jeff and Brittany (both paid youth people) were both gone today and so I got the "job" of acting youth minister...which normallly would have not been a big deal...but I was also acting children's welcome table person! Thanks to my friend Kara for saving me and helping me as I was frantically trying to get everyone in order and what they needed. It was a little crazy, but it was good. I got to have so many conversations with so many different people and that was nice! I didn't get to go to church or to the GYM class that I wanted to poke my head into,but that is okay.

After church I ate at Taco Bueno...(Hannah, you'll have to know it wasn't amazing...but you made me hungry for it)...and then I got busy getting everything ready and finished! It is....all done!

I feel so accomplished. I swept, mopped, and vaccuumed like a mad woman! I got the rest of my clothes hung up and I got Jeff a little gift and card ready for when he walks in the door. I tried to lay down for a little nap afterward, but I just can't fall asleep, even though I am MAD tired! Oh well...I am sure I will sleep well tonight with my man lying next to me. Its crazy how many sounds I hear when he's not here and how many just dissappear because of his presence! I always sleep better with him...and I like that! :)

I miss 'em, I do! I can't wait to see all three of them! I talked to them all on the phone a while ago and they should be here by 7:30 or so. So I think I am going to go make their lunches for tomorrow, do my bible study and such so I can devote all my energy and time into the kids till bed and then to my man afterwards!

Thanks for all of you keeping tabs on me this weekend. It has been fun to share my "story"...I love blogging! And I rekindled my LOVE FOR MUSIC this weekend. It has played nonstop since I completed my itunes specialty list. It is fantastic! I think my neighbors might hate me for playing it so loud at some points...but oh well.

I was looking at my list of genre in my folder and it is very ecletic: alternative, country, hip-hop, religious, rock, soundtracks, movies, 80s, R&B, electronica/dance, and other...

I hope my husband took pictures of the kids, because I have certainly missed having the would have been nice to accomodate my posts....but then again, that might have been scary...I bet the kids' pictures will be better!

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