Sunday, February 17, 2008

Last night alone...

The rest of my day was incredibly productive as well! I am so excited and proud of myself. For those of you who don't know me, and even those of you who might, I think tonight was the first time since we moved into the house 3 years ago that I have cleaned like I have. I mean, never, ever before has my house been clean like this...I still have to vaccuum and sweep/mop the kitchen but everything else is done.

I scrubbed the toliets and shower and bath tub and sinks.

I dusted EVERYTHING in the entire house (even the vents and fans and lights and everything)

I sorted all the clothes and socks (this took forever)

I took down ALL of my crosses and hung them in different areas. I hung several new pictures and rearranged most of the old ones. I am ready for my NEW (Christmas present just getting here) family Portrait that will come home with Jeff.
**I went to Hobby Lobby and got new frames for some SWEET pictures that we had taken of the kids over Thanksgiving...that was fun

The house smells good!

I went to the mall tonight too and I found a great sale at Dillards! I got 6 pairs of shoes (one for me, 2 for Jackson and 2 for Creighton , and a present for a baby) for only $65.22. The brands were Merrell, Stride Rite, Converse, Timberland, Kenneth Cole, and Michelle D (I have no idea what Michelle D was but my shoes were originally 70 and I got them for 17)! That was incredibly exciting!

I spent some time with one of my small group girls and that was awesome...we just chatted while she worked (at the mall) was good!

I talked to an old camper (Hi, Lauren) for awhile while I was eating dinner and that was great talking with her!

Today was a great day...I am thoroughly exhausted though and I never did take a nap. I purposely didn't have caffiene though today so I hope I sleep well tonight. The kids and my sweet hubby will be home tomorrow and I want to be ready for them! I have to work the nursery tomorrow during second service and since its past 1a I will probably not be making it to first service...oh well...

Ladies (and gents?) this weekend has been fabulous! I can't explain what it has done for my soul, my spirit, my life. It was so rewarding and I even worked really hard at the same time. I love being productive and achieving goals and making lists and getting them completed...I hardly ever do that on my own with the kids/Jeff at home. I hope I will take this energy and be able to do some of this when they return and make it a habit...(seriously some of my "dust bunnies" had legs and were hopping away)....

I learned a bit about myself this weekend and that is always nice too! Relfection time is so good. I didn't read at all, which I thought I was going to but that's okay. I did some studying of scripture and some prayin' and that was nice. I didn't sleep nearly as much as I thought I would...imagine that?!

Going to bed, cause I can tell I am tired...ramble ramble


Aubrey said...

I can totally relate!!! I love making lists, completing them, and feeling that sense of accomplishment. I did the same thing this weekend...cleaned a ton - in a very short time because I still had my little one here - so it was during nap. But it felt so good to walk around the house smelling the lemon-scent from mopping the kitchen floor. I'm glad you got a break and were able to accomplish what you wanted - that is very refreshing!

khowze said...

I LOVE when my house is clean. Too bad it is very seldom all clean at the same time. Usually the bathrooms get cleaned one day, the by the time I get around to dusting they are dirty, then once I vacuum things are dusty again and so on and so on. And my ceiling fan and vents have never been dusted since we have lived here and my, my I don't even want to look at them!