Monday, February 25, 2008


Long weekend, not much sleep...very tired, but it's been good (and bad).

One great thing that happened today: (a conversation between Jeff and Jackson)

Jeff: is Creighton pretty?
Jackson: yes, Rae Rae pretty like Mommy

Me: melt melt melt!

I'll post tomorrow....

Oh yes and one thing: cell phones are NOT my friend and I officially have a love/hate relationship with them. I "burned" my SIM card and now no longer have a cell phone until I replace it. Lovely!

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Hannah E. said...

Good job, Jackson! So sweet.

Ok, so that would be SO FUN if you were able to come to that conference!!!! It's not exactly on a weekend - I think it's Sunday afternoon through Tuesday morning, but we'd love to see y'all! I don't know if Joel has plans during that time or not, but I'll mention it to him when I see him....I'm sure he'd love the company if they are just going to be staying around here. Let me know if you decide to go for sure...maybe it would be possible for you to be in the same cabin as our church ladies...?