Thursday, February 21, 2008

three day recap

Well my days (and nights) have been much better since my last post, however, I have not had much time to be on the computer. Tuesday I went to bible study and that was good and then we went to the Family Life Center with several other moms/kids. It was fun, but near the time we were to leave anyway, Jackson disobeyed me and we had to leave promptly and it was a crazy and LONG walk to the car. It was so hard for me because I just didn't have the energy (I thought) to deal with it and be as consistent as I know I needed to be AND I didn't want to leave yet! :) But I did what I knew needed to be done and stuck to my guns...and it worked (or atleast made a difference). By the time I actually got him home he was a different kid and was sweet during lunch and took a good nap and we had a good conversation after his nap about him listening to mommy the first time (his initiation). So he definitely remembers and that is a great thing and a good first step. I had to just keep reminding myself I was doing the right thing and to stay tough and "not grow tired and weary of doing what is right." Anyway, then I had my private lessons with Kate and Taylor at the YMCA and that went well and then I headed off to ger ready for my Ladies Nite Out! It was great and there were lots of ladies there this time! Some new faces and the fun!

I haven't been sleeping well at all lately, roughly since Thursday night Jeff left last for a full week. I don't know why. But I have taken pills, bought a new pillow, changed the sheets, worked out, not worked out, eaten well, not eaten well...NOTHING seems to help me sleep. I hope tonight will work out for me a little better.

Wednesday I got a ton of errands completed and I also worked out at the Y. I love my step classes...they are such a great workout for me. You can push yourself if you want and when you need to take it down a little bit, you can do that. I love it that there are ladies of all shapes, sizes, ages, abilities, and everything in there. I just love it! I am still abs are killing me...but I love it!

Wednesday night went really well for me and the small group I love my girls and I love getting to pour into their lives as much as they allow. I look forward to it even though I am exhausted most Wednesday nights (for one reason or another). I love that time with them. It is such a different dynamic than I have been accustomed to with my previous group, but it works and it is good! We talked about influence and being role models and such. I plan to blog about it later because the Lord used it to show me some things too--I just LOVE it when He does that!

Today we have had some good quality family time! Jeff was off work today and there was ICE everywhere outside and so we were trapped inside...but it went surprisingly well. The kids slept in later than normal and I brought Creighton back to our bed at 8 something and she slept in it till past 10! Jackson was up around 9 I think and he and Jeff watched Beauty and the Beast. I stayed in the room with Creighton and caught up on some reading and played my DS (I love that thing).

Then we had dance/music time and it was fun and hilarious and it really wore us ALL out! The kids are hilarious when music comes on! They love to dance and Jackson will catch a few words and try singing along and I just love it! Then out of nowhere he'll say "rock out, [pause] all night" he is so funny.

Then we made pizzas and they were delicous and the kids had fun (Jackson in particular loved eating the pepperonis outof the bag instead of putting them on the pizza!). After lunch we played with cars and then all took a shower together and then went down for naps (me included). Jackson took the longest nap in history. I am not certain of what time it was by the time we went down, but he didn't wake till 10 minutes till 5 and I think it was around 2 when we went down!

After nap I started working on dinner and made a really yummy recipe called Oven Baked Chicken and also Sweet Potato casserole and green beans and pasta! I had fun and Jeff ended up taking the kids to the Y so he could work out and I could finish dinner in peace. The oven went off as they were pulling in the driveway so it was perfect timing. So LOVE the Y and the childcare!

We had dinner and everybody but Creighton loved it but she did nurse constantly all day today (she's teething and not feeling up to par I think). And then tonight she downed a whole bowl of that infant rice cereal that is SO gross...but she acted like she was eating ice cream....cracked me up!

Anyway, thanks for all my comments to my last post...that was way fun...Jeff said it was way too long and no one would ever read I think it doubly funny that it had my most comments EVER! :)

Have a good night all....


jeff said...

haha... i'm the first commenter!!
and for the record... i didn't get to shower with everyone or take a nap :)

Marci H said...

I love the Y too. I used to go there every day when we lived in town and the girls were young. I am excited to be living less than a mile from it once we move!!

Maria said...

Well, Jeff just answered the lingering question in the back of my mind. LOL!

I love step aerobics. I can't wait to get back to doing it as soon as I have more than 30 seconds of free time! LOL!

Angel said...

what a busy day for a busy woman. hope you are sleeping more and creighton is biting less.
good job on sticking to your guns with jackson. stories like that are so encouraging.
this to shall pass.
dance/music time- what a great idea!

khowze said...

Yeah, good to know it wasn't a complete family shower...that might have been too much info!!

Anyway, just wanted to tell you that I think you are great about being consistent with Jackson and his consequences, even if it means you are unhappy (like having to leave a playdate), but sticking to what you say is so important and really shows your kids that you set and stick to limits and don't just make meaningless threats. Great job!! Sorry you had to leave though...we left shortly after if it makes you feel any better.