Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Charleigh Loves Mickey!

This sweet princess got to spend lots of one on one (or two) time with Mom and Dad over Labor Day weekend because the big kids went to Enid and split up to be having their own one on one (or two) excursions with the two sets of Enid grandparents.
 Mom and Dad have a fascination with Cherry Berry and went EVERY DAY the bigs were gone (we had a giftcard, don't judge :))  Charleigh thought she was in heaven!
 We went to the mall on Monday and Charleigh had never been to the mall before. You would have thought the kid was in Disney World.  SO much to see, do, places to run, hide, etc. She was thrilled. We bought her her first tennis shoes and off she went to the races.

 But then she found Mickey Mouse.  Just her size.  And never put it down.
I thought I was going to have to find a way to buy it (I had no purse) because she was not convincing me it was going to be possible to leave the store without Mickey.  But eventually I distracted her enough to let me hide Mickey and we left on a new adventure to find Daddy.  Good thing she has a Grammy that already ordered it for her birthday.  

I am not sure why this girl loves Mickey so much. The big kids didn't even really know who he was till we went to Disney World this past Christmas, but Charleigh didn't even go and she definitely knows! It's precious.

She got a Dancing Mickey for Christmas (so that's maybe why) anyway, the other day I captured her dancing with him in the kitchen.This girls got some moves :)

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