Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 2 Haiti

I wasn't thrilled when I found out that our first full day in Haiti would be a "culture/explore/souvenior/relax" day.  I was jumping at the bit to get started and start loving on orphans, but that's the way it was planned...and since I had no choice in the matter, I did enjoy our day "off" even though we technically hadn't started yet.

We all were up at like 4am because the sun came blazing in the windows and the cars and the people on the streets were loud already about that time, even though we weren't scheduled to leave till 9.  So we had a slow/lazy morning (which was nice, although I certainly would have loved to have slept in)

We started off the day by going to a scenic overview of Port au Prince. The TNM house is in the mountains and down the way a bit was this gorgeous view!

 Here is our whole group plus one of the old BattleCreek staff members who is now a TNM intern for a year. (Jessica in the red). L to R: me, Jeff, Alan, Jessica, Michael, Susan, Shane, Alex, Rachel, Mark, and Nathan.  All of them are TCABC members except Jeff and I.  We had a good group!
 This is next to the lookout, they must know Americans come to take pictures, because they were lining the streets with all kinds of souvenirs.  We bought a painting last time we were in Haiti in 2003 and we still have it.  So we passed on the paintings this time.
 On our way to the Baptist Mission (the next stop) we had lots of shots for more of Haiti. Concrete/rock is their number one you see lots of rock and lots of and lots and lots of rock.

 This is a school (who is currently on break) but just to give you an idea of a school.  All schools in Haiti you must pay for whether public or private and they aren't cheap.  School is out on break right now. But usually this would be full of kids.
 The entrance to The Baptist Mission.
 This is Mark with Wallace and Eleanor Turnbull. Wallace and Eleanor's mother started the Baptist Mission in 1947 and later they were married. They've given their lives to Haiti and the people doing all they can to help them, heal them, and teach/tell about Jesus Christ!  They are amazing people. It's amazing what the Mission is today!
 They have a museum set up in the BM that anyone can walk through that has tons of artifacts, pictures, items, etc. from mostly Haiti since they started, but even from other areas. Pretty cool. This photo is heartbreaking, but shows the great need for people to come to Haiti and help even back in the 40's.  This picture was taken in 1955.
 This is a picture of the photo from the museum of the Baptist Mission today.  WOW. In the museum it tells the story of where they started and what with. To see all of this today and all they are doing (and have done for the people of Haiti) is amazing.
 ONe reason lots of Americans come over to the BM is you can get American food, or resemblance of anyway.
 This is the playarea on site.
 The restaurant area is all open, not even widows, but it has a gorgeous view of the landscape (which you can see almost every area of it is being used for crops).

 I was very happy about my fried american food. :) It was all very yummy. (but considering it was only day 2, I wasn't really "missing" American food yet...but I definitely still enjoyed it.
 Jeff got this Fruit Champagne because it was a local thing.  It was the most disgusting drink ever! Although Michael and Nathan did drink it all and said they didn't mind it/actually liked it.  (whatever!) It was straight thick carbonated snowcone syrup...
 finally got him to smile normally, but he bugged his eyes out...gotta take what i get :)
 this is another "american" area so the Haitians have set up about 15 venders outside (if not more) to sell you things...
After we left the Baptist Mission we went back to the TNM compound for dinner and a relaxing evening before our first REAL part of the mission trip :) I was thrilled about the coming orphanage care!

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