Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Photo Fun.

We've had some fun times since Haiti, even though this by far has been a very hard (on) Mommy week.
 I love their smiles!  Jeff and I built a bench (mostly Jeff) and I stained it and sealed it.  It was suppose to match our table but it doesn't...oh well. It's still cool! THe kids love it.
 We love to have dance parties in our house.  Sometimes they like to dress up for them. I LOVE it!

 This is one of Creighton's (scary) Rapunzel wigs....I don't know how she stands it!
 Friday was Cow Appreciation day at Chick-Fil-A.  The Berg's love several things.  Free + Food + Chick-Fil-A=BERG LOVE.  :)
 Here is the completed outfits of all of them (I had to work so I couldn't go)...
This is them before the shirts, but right after I finished painting their faces.  They were moo-ing! Precious............
 Jackson learned to tie shoes (REALLY REALLY EASILY & FAST) and wanted to tie mine...all of his are currently velcro only.  So mine had to do.  He wanted to be by the bows for a picture :)
 Charleigh cheesing it up for a picture in her Belle costume.  The girls were dressing up but I didn't get a picture of them....but I did manage to get this....she's so fun!
 Our friends came over and brought cookies....they were in heaven! (sitting on the bench at the table!)
just a whole lot of random...a whole lot of smiles....a whole lot of memories....Good moments, even in tough weeks...that's what makes me have energy to do it all over again every day :) I love my kiddos more than anything....

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