Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy BERGday Charleigh

Tonight we celebrated with a "nice" spaghetti dinner (one of her faves) and we used our "fine china" for the first time in our new house!  I made brownies because I didn't have any cake mix and my parents came over to join us for a small little celebration of this sweet baby on this special day!~
 I feel like Charleigh has been a part of our family for a million years. 

 I don't know why, but that's just how I feel.  Obviously, she's not even 2 and so it's impossible, but I just can't imagine life without her and barely remember what it was like before her arrival.  We've had her in our arms since 14 hours after she arrived from the womb of a precious and brave young woman.  (We knew of her after 3 hours, and that we'd been chosen for her, but the hospital visiting hours were over by the time we received the call, the wait through the night was insanely crazy!)  We waited 3 long months before we had all the signatures needed to breathe easy and sleep soundly.  
Then, after 8+ months of having her, a year ago today we stood before a judge in Washington County and officially became Charleigh's legal parents. Forever.

 A day (7-7-10) that forever changed many lives.
(our first official picture as a legal family of 5)
I know that as we celebrate her life and her name, however, that it's not necessarily an easy day for her birth families.  I also know that each year as she understands more about God's plan for her life, this may not be easy for her either.  So, today my heart is unbelievably happy and proud on one hand and yet reminded of the sensitivity I need on the other.  Adoption is amazing, and open adoption is awesome, however, it doesn't just remove the emotions on special days for all parties.  I am so thankful for Charleigh's birth mom and her family (and her birth father as well).  I wouldn't have my precious crazy haired bundle without them.

I tread lightly and humbly on this journey as I celebrate and also mourn at the same time. It's not always fun and easy, but it's so worth it.  We are thrilled be considered worthy to be chosen to be her parents and a family of 5.  Charleigh your big brother and sister adore the heck out of you! (and so do we)!

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