Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pictures from Gotcha Day

We were at the courthouse a little after 10:15, but our appointment wasn't until 10:30 so we were fine.  We actually got bumped back to second on the docket anyway.  So we had time to take before pictures. I love this one. :)
We were so blessed that the Judge allowed us to take video and pictures inside the courtroom. Normally this is prohibited in the courtroom. 
This was taken right after :)
These were the people were able to join us for our court appearance and they let them in the court room too! Thank you Mom, Caroline, Katie and Brittany for coming! It meant so much.
These next 2 pictures were taken before while we were waiting. First Creighton decided she was not happy about pictures...
Then when we got her to smile about 10 minutes later, Jackson refused.  Such is life!
Afterwards though we kinda sorta got a decent one :) I'll take it! Berg Family of 5!
There were many many people who helped make today possible through prayer, financial help, support emotionally, physically and spirtually, and our hearts are full of all the love poured out over our family over the last year.  Thank you thank you thank you. We love CPO and open adoption!!!

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Maria said...

Congratulations Berg family! How very exciting for everyone! <3