Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pop's Birthday

We went over to Enid to spend the day with Jeff's extended family for Pop's birthday. It was a sad and happy day all wrapped in one. Remembering him and celebrating his day was good. Being with family was awesome. Missing Pop was hard.

 GP and Ma had a wonderful dinner with us at the Nursing Home were Ma was the night before.
 We were ready with 59+ red balloons for releasing on Pop's birthday!

 We all had our matching shirts on that day!

 Donut shop galore!

 RaeRae and RaeRae!

 The scavenger hunt lasted a little bit longer than their attention spans :)

 maybe mine too

 But we learned lots of cool things about Pop and saw many important things about Enid/Pop's life

 Whew....long days. Tired nights. all snuggled with grammy in her bed!
We love and miss Pop dearly, but are so thankful for the time we had with him and look forward to continually celebrating his life. Thank you Pop for the legacy you left behind. We remember. Forever

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