Wednesday, December 16, 2009

She's smiles for the camera!

I got her not only to smile, but to smile on camera! :) ENJOY.  I sure am!

This is her belly laugh smile complete with the "you're kidding me hand" ! ahhaha

Sweet friend Melanie got her this cute little pink polka dots!

My mother-in-love had this made for her and I LOVE it.  If she wouldn't spit up so much, she'd be in everyday. I LOVE her name and I love the spelling and I love that it's on her so the world can see! :)

She was excited too! :)

Her eyes are still blue! She is smiling all the time even though she feels terrible. I can't believe this is her while she's sick...can't wait for her to feel better!  I bet then she'll be ALL smiles all the time.  And so will we!


jeff said...

Yes... Look at that little princess!! She's the bestest!!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait!!!! ONLY 1 more week until I can hold her again!!!!!!!!
Love, Aunt Jennifer

khowze said...

I had a onesie for Addie that said "Life is great and I am happy, all smiles, all the time" That's funny, you said that. It fit her perfect and looks like Charleigh will be like that too. If Addie hadn't stained it so bad, I would give it to you for your little smiler!

Kathryn said...

Sooo beautiful! Her smile makes me smile!