Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The BIG 4 Party

We took the last link off his chain for Sunday, which meant it was the BIG PARTY day. When I say big I mean BIG! We had a blast...and lots of people....and lots of chaos. The Super Hero Party of the year...
My big 4 year-old Superhero

Lots of super heroes showed up (one of the perks of being the youth minister's kid)
Daddy was Batman! Jackson was so excited!
We flew my nephew Jake up for Jackson's party because that was his one wish for his party. And once you see all the little girls running around in the following pictures, you'll see why I felt I should comply with his desire for a of his favorites! :)
We started with eating! Every good party has food...and we had lots of it.
Papa John and Jackson. Normally we get a lot more posed pictures with family, but this is one of the only ones I got. (*big bummer)
This is one of me and my brother though! His presence was a surprise! I was so excited he came!
Look at that happy guy! He is so cute. He had a blast and even though it was a million degrees, he kept his costume on THE ENTIRE TIME!
The little princess of the party. She looked too cute to leave her out of this post entirely.
We opened presents. Jackson could barely contain himself waiting. I think he asked me every 2 minutes if it was time. So I let him do this after everyone had gotten mostly finished eating. He was one popular boy during present time. See all those girls?!
They were so silly (all of them) about the fact that he got underwear for his birthday. I thought it was a cute picture though! ;) He's only wearing those right now. They are superheroes
They surrounded him no matter how far he tried to move from the crowd. Thankfully he isn't claustrophobic. Much more like a 'Ladies Man'. He got a TON of presents and truly loves them all! He is a very blessed little boy. Thank you all of you!!!!
He got a bike as his last present and loved it of course. But he was very fascinated with the horn even more :)
After presents we did the pinata, but we choose to do the ribbon ones instead of ones you beat, at least for now. They all got to pull one string. Then it still didn't fall. There were two strings left and Jacob and Jackson got to pull the last two and it ended up being Jackson's last one that broke it. So fun! They went nuts over all the candy. It was sort of anti-climactic though because we stuffed it SO full of candy that it didn't just come pouring out we had to help it...:)
The aftermath.
Then it was cake and ice cream time! He loved his cake. And so did everyone else. I must say that Walmart Bakery did an excellent job! I would highly recommend!
I don't know what this picture is, or who took it, but it CRACKED me up. I think they have candy in their teeth. But either way, it was funny.
We ended the party with trying out the new bike. He needs lots of practice, which he's reminded me, he will ask for EVERY WAKING MOMENT. He is cute. We took it up to the church on the much flatter ground and less traffic and he did much better. He'll get the hang of it much better there. He did SO much better than he did on our hilly streets.

After that we played with his Carerra Go Batman car track set that he "picked out" on line and my mom got him. Little did any of us know that it is the BIGGEST track I have ever seen. We ended up setting up the smallest track we could make, and it was still like 6 feet long. He LOVES it.

He has lots of new favorite toys now...pretty much everything he got for his birthday! We played play-doh, we played superman, Ben 10, with his new clock (a ton) and his new cash register (but we've realized we have to do this without Creighton), and all his new shirts and pj's have ALL been worn, along with his swimsuit and all of his underwear! Then Creighton and Jackson both got the coolest Crayola GlowStation and I they love it!

Thank you all who came and thank you all who brought gifts! He is in heaven!