Monday, July 20, 2009

Pictures from July

July has been an absolutely INSANE month for our family. So the quick picture version is all I have to offer today.

So this is what your child's face might look like after you make them a Rainbow Smoothie (aka Princess Smoothie and Batman Smoothie) *recipe to come soon

My little diva at the Zoo.

He was being a statue :)
Just loved this face! Oh the faces she makes :)
Fun Family Foto
Daddy and Jackson---where oh where do they get their facial expressions....I think that is his version of 'party on dude'
We took 11 pictures of this pose trying to get her to smile. I am smiling in all of them with my eyes open...except this one...which be the ONLY one she is looking at the camera and not there ya go.
Fireworks at the Eastland Mall...they loved them. ALthough this is way past their bedtime and she was a little grumpy
Jackson went go-carting with his grammy and pop this weekend.
Yes, my daughter is in her skivves in in the RiverWalk in Jenks public. But whatever. I've momentarily stopped fighting battles with her. Will resume when I have energy
4 of the cousins at the Riverwalk--they are all meant for the stage.


Hannah E. said...

CUTE pictures! I think Creighton has changed so much lately. She's looking quite grown up these days! When I saw that first picture, I seriously thought it was some kind of terrible food allergy or reaction. Glad to know it was just smoothie! Funny.

Dalene said...

Oh my! I think I MIGHT be missing those stages just a teensy-eensy bit!