Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Do you like your eggs salty?

Every night for over a year I sang to Jackson each night. He ALWAYS wanted 'Jesus Loves Me' until here recently. Now he wants a NEW song each night (sometimes more than one new song). This is exciting and I love that he wants to learn/hear new songs, but my brain is cutting out on me by that hour of the day and I have a hard time remembering songs on the spot (and their words for that matter).

Well tonight was no different. I tried several songs...ALL of which apparently he has heard. So I dug deep deep into my Southern Baptist background and came up with 'I Exalt Thee'...of which I only sang: I exalllllllt thee, I exallllllllt thee, I exxxxaaaaallllllllllult thee O Lord.

As I am singing he tries to sing with me. He tells me he wants me to sing it again, and then again. I tell him it's easy to remember the words, because it's only: I exalt thee

Then he tells me that is the funniest song he has ever heard. I am not following here at all at first. Then he says: Mom I don't like my eggs salty.

I just about died as I tried SOOOO hard not to laugh at him. It was so darn cute. So innocent. So awesome.

Then he said he didn't like them 'wiff shuger eeder'

How precious is that....?

I egg salty!.... Oh Lord :)


clay said...

this is fantastic!!

Dalene said...

GREAT story! What a Mr. Mc Cutie!