Monday, April 19, 2010

Real ain't pretty

Charleigh has been keeping me up even while she is sleeping.  She is turning 6 months old this week, and so I decided that she could move to her own room.  Tonight is the first transistion of this monumental change.  She, so far, has done great.  She napped in there and slept better than she had all day.

The other two, on the other hand, are about to drive me wild. I spent $225 on a twin bed to go in Creighton's room so they can both stay in there for now, until Charleigh is out of the crib.  So there is a day bed and a trundle in there now.  I went in for the millionth time (very angry I must admit) to spank them and I literally almost killed myself on the trundle bed in the middle of the room.  It was to Jackson's great luck, and my great humility, that this happened, because then I didn't spank them out of anger or at all, because I was stuck crying on the floor with a half broken foot. Served me right, holy moly it hurt so bad!

Jackson was the culprit at the time, athough it had been Creighton every time up to that point, that smarted off with laughter, and I think he thought he hurt me and he was very sweet as I flung Mr. Spoon up into the air and hurled my heaving aching body across the floor.  He just kept saying "I am so sorry Mama, I didn't know, I am so sorry. Are you okay, do I need to kiss it? I am so so sorry Mama"

My foot is bruised up good and in a fair amount of pain. And, now its bleeding too!

They are quiet now, praise the Lord. I hope this works out.

Oh I can't wait to hopefully get a good night's rest....wish us luck

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