Friday, April 2, 2010

Sweet (and some not) Bedtime Talk

Tonight as I was attempting to put Jackson to bed we had some sweet conversation....I'll try to recall as much of it as possible...

Jeff had some guys in town and they were all going to the prayer room to help read through the bible and pray.  Jackson REALLY wanted to go.  But the answer was firmly "no" the whole time, much much to his protesting

J: Do you get to go Mama?
Me: No, buddy I don't get to go either. I am going to stay here and go to bed too
J: [crosses arms and pouts some more]
Me: I know! How about you and I go on a date and for part of it we can go just us, not daddy, not rae, not charleigh, just us?
J: NO! I only go on dates with Emma.
Me: [laughing] Buddy, you can always go on dates with mommy
J: NO! Only with Emma
Me: [hysterically laughing] (his facial expressions were PRICELESS!!) Okay, well then, maybe Mommy, Mrs. Kara and Emma and you can all go sometime soon...
J: It's NOT FUNNY MAMA! No I only go on dates with her BY MYSELF!
Me: (now it's even funnier because I am not suppose to be laughing)
Me: okay, buddy...I am going to leave now

later when I went back in there after daddy told him no (again) he just cuddled up next to me and cried. His heart was broken. He adores Jeff's group of guys so much and loves it when he gets to hang out with them.  All of them are 20 or 21 I think and he just doesn't understand that he's 4. They all love on him and treat him so a little brother.

So after we talk that through for awhile, we begin the sweetness...

J: Do you know what I want to be when I get bigger?
Me: no, buddy what?
J: A Taco Bueno Helper [huge proud smile]
Me: (seriously, did he just say that?) Wow, that's neat.
J: But first I have to get a suit and a (pointing to his ear and then towards his face) what are those called?
Me: A headset?
J: yeah, a headset.
Me: so you want to take the drive thru orders?
J: yeah....when Rae Rae wants beans then she can say she wants to go to Taco Bueno and I (huge smile) can give them to her!
Me: (seriously he's so sweet!) You're awesome little man.  I love you.

It was just precious. He is the sweetest kid. I love his heart. I got to encourage him about some of the Godly characteristics I see in him already and how excited I am that he is becomming the man of God of that only God could have designed! I told him he was getting so big...

I could tell as I cuddled him tighter that he was thinking some more...deeply

J: will have still have this face when I get older?
Me: what do you mean
J: will I look like I do now?
Me: well yes but your face will get older too
J: like yours?
Me: yeah I guess.  Am I old?
J: older
Me: so do you think I am pretty? (scared to death of his honesty)
J: yeah. Your eyes are the same, but your lips are older and your eye brows are a little [showing me about 3 cm between his pointer and his thumb] different than they were. (He then proceeded to touch almost every part of my face, my hands, and my feet telling me what had changed (older) and what was the same). 

He's a riot...

Somewhere before all the above conversation we were actually talking about poop.  I know...I know...but he's a 4 year old boy. He was calling diarrhea "smear poop" and I had to put a stop to that.  So anyway, I won't go into lots of detail here but one funny thing he said was "Mom, sometimes I have poops as big as Charleigh is right now!" Maybe it was the moment, but I was dying laughing...who says that? Oh, boy, I love you more than I can possibly explain!


jeff said...

This made me sooo sad... I about came home to get him!! BUT then I started laughing, while folks were praying :)

I love my buddy.. we will definetly go tomorrow!

Becky said...

Very funny . . . bedtime conversations are hilarious!!! I need to have more of them with my kiddos!

Recently David asked me about living in the "olden" days . . . referring to my childhood . . . couldn't decide if I should laugh or cry!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. Sure makes me miss yall more. Love ya.

Jamie said...

Little people conversations are the best!