Thursday, May 20, 2010


I have a great LOVE for the sport of gymnastics. I did it as a kid and totally and completely (well besides God, of course) give credit for my athleticism and strength to all those hours in the gym.  So, it was a no brainer that I wanted my kids to try it out (although Jeff wasn't so gung-ho). 

What I really liked more than anything was it was something they could do together :)

We tried it out in August and September, and then in October we were going to be busy (and little did we know get a sweet angel), so we opted out, and also November and December.  We decided to give it another try in January and we finished out all the months since!

Jackson really likes it, although he is quite big for the Preschool class he is in.  Creighton likes the act of gymnastics, I am just not sure she likes being in a class (and being taught) just yet.  Their listening ears were on the bad side awful and I feel so sorry for Ms. Debbie, their teacher. 

The whole class was typically crazy, but I will say they learned a lot.  And, I know Jackson really liked going!

We didn't take too many pictures this year, but we did tonight. It was their final Parent's Night (aka Award Night) and they recieved trophies! They were so excited.  (and so was I).

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jeff said...

AND now its time for wrestling for both of them right?? ((Also good for strength and balance))