Friday, May 14, 2010

May Update

Certainly not because we haven't had things going on...but because we've been entirely TOO busy :) 

Since I last posted, Charleigh had her first flight!
has now mastered sitting.  She can go from her rocking position to a sitting position all by herself and she doesn't lean forward anymore. 
She went from her sweet gummy grin, to one little tooth, to now she has 3 TEETH! What on earth? It's going so fast.  She can crawl a few "steps" at a time and then falls forward before she gets right back up to conquer the task at hand.  Her eating habits have been dramatically better. She LOVES squash and peas.  She still loves her rice cereal more than anything though.  She has started eating Biter Biscuits which are entirely more messy than they are worth, but it does keep her entertained and happy, and she's learning how to use her pincher :)  She is smiling more than ever (except when her gums are hurting) and we all fall more in love with her EVERY DAY.  I just can't get enough of her.  Really. It's so crazy the way that I feel about this kid...

Cute baby, sweet big brother!

Jackson is "graduating" from his pre school program tomorrow. What? He starts public school in less than 3 months! He did exceptionally well under his teacher this year and has blossomed into such a smart and lovable little boy.  I love it.  I love this smile!
He says and does things that Jeff and I look at each other and say "really, did he just [do] [say] that." One of my favorite things about him (and Creighton) is how they say things wrong.  I can't seem to make myself correct them right's just way too cute.  One day I will try to compile a list of all them.  He has been in gymnastics and loves it.  He is very strong and loves to show off.  He is loving playing outside and climbing trees when he isn't begging to sit in front of the  TV. I swear I would throw the thing away, but alas, like father like son...  He has been doing exceptionally well for the last few weeks of Awana and finished his first book for Cubbies. He was ecstatic to receive the bear!


Creighton will move upstairs next year to the same class and teacher that Jackson had this past year (I think on the teacher part) but did very very well with Ms. Jill this year. 

She was always complemented on being so far ahead of where she should be for her age, but I think the best compliment Ms Jill gave her was in her ending letter : [Ms. Jill will miss Creighton for] her manners and her "Big Girl" personality.  We have been working SO hard with her this past few months on her manners. She's done a super job.  Now, if I can get her to obey and not be so hard headed, she'd be the greatest kid on the planet:)  She NEVER ever stops singing.  She sings what she wants to say, what shes thinking, and/or random nothingness.  She sings with passion even when it doesn't make a bit of sense. She's becomming beautiful, which is know I did pray at one point that she'd be ugly so to fend off boys. :) (I am not kidding)...but I realized there are "ugly" boys that exist too. :)  She's beautiful though, seriously.  Stunning at moments. Thankfully she throws a LOT of attitude and a little tomboy in there every now and then or we'd really be in a lot of trouble.

Jeff pulled off throwing me a surprise party for my 30th birthday a week early. 

My grandma was in town,

which was awesome and several friends and family came up!  Better than the party (sorry everyone) was the book.  I made Jeff a book for his 30th birthday and he one upped me by making mine bigger and better :)  I LOVE it. I don't have a book of pictures from growing up but he did a great job of getting lots of baby/childhood pics in there and so it's awesome.  But there are AWESOME letters from my friends and family which I will forever cherish. 

I was clueless (for the most part) about everything.  It was fun.  For the record I am NOT 30 yet though :) Saturday after 4:13pm you can tell me welcome to the 30s, but not till then.  I am not quite handling 30 well. That was always so old growing up...and I don't FEEL old, I don't feel like I LOOK it's got to not be old, right?!

Things are good.  We are all doing well.  Ready for summer to enjoy some sunshine and play in the pool with the kids. 


Becky said...

Trust me . . . 30 is NOT old!!! Love you and your family!!! Tell Jeff we appreciated his text to Brent yesterday . . . made us feel loved!!! You guys need to come visit. It's a fabulous drive (the first time), and the kids would have a blast!!!

Hannah said...

Sweet pictures of all of you! I want to hear about the party sometime...seemed like a special time.