Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jackson graduates Mother's Day Out

Jackson had his end of year program last week
He was rather excited to see that Grandma Maxie, Nonna, Grammy, and Daddy (and Charleigh & Mom) were all there to watch him! :)

 I have video of all the songs they sang (4) and they did a great job. 

He was in Mrs. Morgan's class this year Monday, Wednesday, and half day Friday. He really did such a great job this year and learned a ton about so many things! His favorite friend, Colton, was in his class and it was just SO cute to see their friendship grow this year.  They were pretty inseperable during the school year and we even had some playdates throughout the year, too.

The kids in his class were:  Jackson, Olivia, Reed, Colton, Steven, Aubrie, Parker, and Grant (not pictured)

I believe that only Colton and Jackson are moving to Ranch Heights next year, but we are so glad that they will be together (and we are praying they get the same teacher).

Of course I couldn't leave without a picture of him being goofy...he is Jeff's kid afterall! I am sad it was so blurry, but I had to post it all the same.

And, so we go to big school next year...I am sure there will be many posts about that adventure! I am quite sad about it as of now, however.


jeff said...

But daddy is SO pumped to walk buddy to school!!

Becky said...

Sarah graduates preschool tomorrow! Hard to believe!