Monday, March 21, 2011

Change of plans

Friday we had inspections on "our new home" and apparently it's curb appeal was all it had going for it.  (not really, i still did like it).  But the inspections came back with an exorbitant amount of work/repair/replacements needing to be done.  So it's no longer our new home.

That was sad news to swallow.  But I am VERY thankful we know on this side of the contract that it needed so much work.  I was very concerned that we would be homeless (we were going to stay with my parents, so not completely) as of April 4th, but we found out that the people buying our house weren't moving in until the next week or so after closing and so we are hopefully going to get move our closing back to the 15th of April now :)  So we have a little bit longer to find a house and maybe we can close on or at least around the same date now! Yeah for not being homeless! ;)

I am quite certain that I have been in just about EVERY house in our price range in all of Bixby and Jenks and some of Broken Arrow.  Well, actually after tomorrow I will be.  We are looking at about 20 more houses tomorrow.  SURELY we'll find one, right?  Well, finding one isn't seeming to be the problem, it's finding THE ONE that is.  I hope its waiting for us tomorrow. :)

Wish me luck!

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