Wednesday, March 23, 2011


My baby girl LOVES HORSES! everything about them, but specifically being ON one. By herself. With no help.

 She wouldn't even let me ride (who also LOVES to ride) and she wouldn't even let me walk near her.
 She's 4~ and she doesn't live on a farm, and she's only ever been on a horse once before this with someone on it with her.
 My friend Kathryn has 3 girls, and her youngest just turned 4 and asked us to come.  When I found out it was a horse (technically a Green Horse) party then I knew it'd be worth my time to make it happen for us to be there.  I am so glad I ended up only bringing Creighton though.
She had a blast but needs to learn a few manners because she didn't want to share, didn't want to eat, didn't want to watch presents, didn't want cake and ice cream...nothing. Except to ride.  Well there were about 20 other kids there and only 3 saddled horses.  You do the math.

I had to pull her off crying with promises to come back.  I think my daughter will be a horse lover for life.  Enough so that she might just marry herself a cowboy :) I kinda love it because secretly I LOVE horses too and would love to just ride away on one. :)

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Courtney said...

thanks for the pics kathryn and for inviting us to the party and for allowing creighton to ride horses. she's still talking about it....and that she really wants chicks for HER birthday :)