Friday, October 14, 2011


Time seems to be flying by. I can't believe it's October. We are staying very very busy. We have fun while busy though.  We've really enjoyed the weather change and have spent quite a bit of our time at the parks, in the backyard, outside for whatever reason lately. I love it!
 I took the girls to the park while killing time between pick ups one day. They were extra cute...and I had my camera on hand thankfully!
 silly girl
 with so many faces

 sweet Charleigh
 thought this one of them together was so fun!
 love sister love!

 Charleigh is now in Creighton's old wardrobe and I love it. I have so many memories of my older daughter in her clothes and now I get to remember them again, and watch new memories created. It's pretty sweet really!
 My little diva. She's way more fashionable at almost 2 than I ever will be :)
 This is random. Our family photo from 2 years ago was published in the Bartlesville Monthly magazine this month.  This was only a few days before got THE phone call that Charleigh was born. :) Precious memories!!
 Creighton has met the cutest little friend in her class and they are FAST buds. We've had several playdates and if she had her way then they'd be everyday. We enjoy sweet Lillian coming over to play! We went to the park and had a picnic this day. They play VERY well together! I love it.
 Phil and Carol, Monica and Terry, and Jeff and I all went to Shogun for dinner. It was a fun night out with friends! :)
 My mom took all 3 kids to the Disney on Ice by herself (she's crazy) but they had a great time. They brought home this little hat and Charleigh thinks she is (because she is) so CUTE!
 Philip and Terrie came over to do Fire Safety with Jackson and Creighton's classes. Jeff dressed up as SPARKY and all the kids loved him.
 Charleigh, who loves Mickey, was wearing her Firefighter Mickey shirt.
 Creighton and her Prek friends! :)
 Jackson and Pop in his Kindergarten class...
 Jackson and the robot.  They all loved having Philip and Sparky come to their classes! It was a big hit!

 I worked the booth for CPO at a fall festival and Creighton came with me and LOVED it.  She rode ponies, ate all kinds of food, held turtles, saw all kinds of fun things, did crafts too...she was in heaven.
 Jeff and Pop have worked so hard on the fort the last few weeks. It's FINALLY finished. It looks awesome.  This whole time I have NOT gotten Charleigh to want to be on the slide at all. I finally got her to do it and now she LOVES it!

 The kids all helped paint the fort.  They all had so much fun. I was NOT careful to put Charleigh in paint clothes (why, I do not know!) and she ruined her clothes :( It was Jeff's fave for her to wear (and Creighton used to wear it) and now it has brown paint on it. Oh well.
 big helper

 Jackson's attention span is not too long, but he did a good job.
 This is our little artist in the family and she painted forever. She loved it!
 Jeff did a great job of staining the new wood and painting the old....
 Wahlah! :) awesome "new" fort.
 Terrie and Philip made from scratch this swingset. The kids have used it a lot already and will continue for years I am sure!
 Jeff took the 3 girls to lunch for a date one day and that was fun (except Creighton was naughty during the whole thing) but Charleigh did great and we all had fun.
 Terrie purchased lots of Minky Dot Fabric for me in several different colors and I made the two big kids large blankets and I made Charleigh another small one but she will have NOTHING to do with it! NOTHING at all. This was before I made it into a blanket and I made it exactly like her old one and she can tell the difference even in the dark. It's SO frustrating! :(
 This kid is obsessed with her blanky and it goes everywhere with us. It would have been so nice to have had 2 again, but I've gotta give it to her....she is SMART!
 Polly Pockets or "Holly Pockets" as Creighton calls them, have become our newest obsession around here. I purchased them for $5 and it was the greatest $5 garage sale purchase possibly of all time.  Even Charleigh and Jackson play with them. :) YEEEHAW
 Princess Rapunzel. She got a cool new braided hair piece.  She likes it! She thinks this costume is "itchy"--she's SO my child.
 Jackson had a great week as Spartan of the week. Mrs. Haughey makes it very special for them.  She's so wonderful.  He loved it.
 He lost ANOTHER tooth! Right above where he lost the bottom one. I'm not a huge fan of the fact that he's loosing all his teeth. It means he's getting older. I can't stop it. It changes his appearance too. His sweet smile is still sweet but it's a reminder that he's old and I can hardly stand it!

We've found this new park and the kids love the "tongue slide." It's actually frightening. There are no sides on it at all and so it appears you will fall off! It looks like a big blue stretched out AirHead candy or a tongue. This park is crazy with all it's unique features...they love it!
Randomness but I find it's the only kind of posts I can do that's what I get. I know I am leaving so much out. But for now, it's all I have to give.  We are getting settled. Life is "normal" whatever that is, but it's good.  Life has gone on around us and I feel like we are kind of on the same planet now. :)  That's nice.

One day when I have more time (yea, right) I hope to post better/more often....we shall see :)

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