Sunday, October 23, 2011


Tonight as Pop was doing one of the things he loved most--woodworking and for his grandkids at that--he had a heart attack. We, nor the paramedics, firemen, or ER were able to revive him. 
 We just celebrated Creighton and Charleigh's birthdays last night.
 He loved his girls (and boy) so very much. Charleigh's birthday will forever be a day of joy and of great loss. Charleigh was his little princess. They had a special bond. Now I know even more why. God knew we needed some good on this day and he sent our princess to provide just that.
Philip leaves behind an amazing legacy of honor, service, humility, loyalty, sincerity, honesty, and literally the list could go on for miles. This man was unique in a million ways. He was such a sweet, quiet spirit, gentle in all that he did, yet strong and capability as an ox. He rarely slowed down to do anything for himself. His life was a gift to all as he continually just gave: his time, his resources, his skills, his heart, his hands. He loved well. He lived well. He was an amazing man. He leaves us while it feels way to early and was too fast. It's painful all the more because of who he was.

Pop, we love you. We always will. Forever. We'll never forget you, your life, and the example you left for us. I hope that Jackson can one day be even just half the man that you were and he'll be great. Thank you for all the thousands of times you gave of yourself for and to us. So much of what we have you've had such a major part in. We are all so sad. Jackson and Creighton miss you so much already (as do we all). We don't understand but I do trust the Lord. I love you Pop. Thank you for everything. I am so thankful for the 9 years I was privileged to know you. I am so blessed to have been your daughter-in-law. I will see you again some day, Pop. I am a better person from knowing and loving you. It will never be the same without you, ever.


Justin and Wendy Jones said...

What a beautiful post Courtney! I went to school with Jeff and I go to church with Jennifer and Brent and worked at the bed & breakfast for a time. Jennifer came into youth choir last night to pull Layne out and tell him the news. Our hearts are broken too...we love you from FBC Enid and are praying for you and your family during this time! --W

Mama C said...

Wow! Just saw this. I am so sorry, Jeff and Courtney. His homegoing was while loving on you all... doing what he loved. That is could be that way for all!

I am praying for you all... Have been there, done that. My dad died in '82. I thought I would never be able to get a deep breath again... but I have come to KNOW... that GOD is good all the time, all the time, GOD is good.

Hugs to you all,

Mama C

tylerleeanne said...

Jeff, Courtney, Jackson, Creighton and Charleigh, I miss you all so much. I am so sorry for your loss. I know each one of you bring honor to Pop's memory. I'm glad he was with ya'll after such a great day. I love ya'll! Tyler