Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Remembering Pop

The past 10 days have not been easy. 
Grief is such a powerful emotion. 
 We are all still grieving and mourning the loss of our Pop, but I wanted to take the time to remember him too. 
 The service one week from tomorrow was the most powerful, beautiful, and amazing celebration of one's life that I've ever witnessed. 
It was intense because of the man Philip was, the role/position he held in the community of Enid, and the grief that was running rampant within the hearts of hundreds of people.
 Pop was probably looking down in shock because he was such a humble man that he would have never thought he had the kind of impact that he had on SO many people.  
 But he did. 
   His smile, his heart, his work, his leadership, his friendship, his relationships, his skills, just himself.  
 He freely gave in all ways, always. 
The procession was unbelievable.   
 There were probably 200 armed service men, firefighters, police officers, honor guard, etc lining the roads at attention as Pop's casket, positioned atop a firetruck, was led to his final resting place.  
 Lights ablaze on 40ish firetrucks, followed by miles of people who loved him and his family--it was definitely a sight to be seen.
 They blocked off the highway that runs through the middle of Enid and people stopped on the side roads, and came out of their workplaces and shops to pay respect. 
 It tells so much about a person by the way they are loved at the end of their life.
 There just aren't enough words to put together eloquently enough to describe our Pop.  
 But the city of Enid (and surrounding towns) certainly painted a gorgeous picture worth far more than a thousand words.
We often have spoken of the legacy that he leaves behind.

 It’s a legacy of strong character, leadership, unconditional love, humility, patience, servant-hearted, kindness.
Pop’s life reminds me of what it looks like to be a good fruit-bearing tree in scripture. 
 Even though this is one of the most painful things I’ve ever endured, on so many levels, already good is present within the pain.
 Pop’s years here feel cut short, but he is dancing and singing (with a beautiful voice :)) with the angels.
 He has gone before us to help prepare for the time when the Lord calls us all home.

Thank you to all of you who have written, blogged, facebooked, called, texted, emailed, visited, etc to tell us you are thinking of us, praying for us, sending love, food, money, flowers, and "fairies" :). We know how loved we are and how many people care for us. It means more than we are able to express at this time, but it hasn't gone unnoticed I promise. Thank you friends and family.

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