Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Creighton is 5!

As I was trying to figure out how to do your birthday tribute, I thought of capturing moments from the past year. I realized what an amazing year we've had and SO many awesome memories...
 just barely turned four. Enjoying hot chocolate with mom!
 Christmas time. I love your cuddles any time I can get them!
 We met so many Princesses, but none of them surpass you, my Princess.
 We had a blast in Florida at all the theme parks....
 you still love to throw attitude, only here recently you've really mastered the art of rolling your eyes. It makes your Daddy's skin crawl. :'/
 So full of life and excitement and typically about very random things....milk and bread :)
 Killing time during the snowstorm, we dressed up and went all out. You looked way too old but gorgeous.
 spunky and cute...just like you always are
 You've apparently learned to meditate...that was a random one to find looking through the past year...
 You've expressed a love for horses for several years, because I think you just love any animal, but you've never been the same since this day. You LOVE horses and are so excited we get to ride tomorrow on YOUR birthday. ;) I can't wait to see your smiles.
 Budding diva rock star....(secretly hope not sweetheart, but you are quite talented, so we'll see)
 beauty for Easter :)
 I really love this pic of you. The sky is beautiful and the colors are great. Your smile takes up your whole face. It's wonderful.
 I got to go on a special date with you and you got to meet Ariel. She's not your favorite anymore, but you still thought it was VERY cool to meet another Princess.
 you dressed up to go on a date with Daddy. We both adore our time with you one-on-one. You're so fun to be with
 You love to play hard and when you aren't diva-ing it up with all the girlie things you can muster, you are digging in the dirt, playing with animals, picking up crickets and digging out earth worms. You love to sweat and run and jump...I love all of those things about you. You are a great mix.
 You dressed yourself this day, and I needed to document it for later :) Just so you know I begged you to change. But you really were thinking you had nailed it.  Good thing when you get to High School they have homecoming week for outfits like this :)
 You adore your sister and treat her (most of the time) with such sweet sisterly love. She loves you so much and wants to do and say and be EVERYTHING you do.  Please continue to be a good leader and always take care of her!
 I love the moments you two are not fighting, but working together, loving, playing, dancing, I don't ever care what it is, it makes me happy when you guys are together without sparks. It's a rarity nowadays as you are constantly fighting over alpha dog. But you guys love each other too with a deep love that cannot be separated. It's a beautiful thing. He takes good care of you, especially when it matters :) Love this pic.
 We dressed up as cows for free lunch. :) Hey, free food, we'll do it! Especially for Chick-fil-a which is so sweetly referred to by you as Chickalay.
 Here is my royal Princess. :) Beautiful. you BEG me to do a craft. Big or small, as long as it's one you don't care. I love your artistic-ness and you actually really amaze me at all that you do already. Your favorite color is purple, but sometimes you say rainbow :)
 Check out that gorgeous girl who is growing up so fast!?
 Another craft=another happy girl.
 You are gaining in the fashion world. You look way too cute. I love this pic.
 Fierce. You are very fierce. You give just about everything you do your all. Keep that'll get you far.
 looking incredibly too old. this was your 1st real school picture. You are now really loving school.
 Especially since you've made such a sweet friend in your class. Lillian and you are inseparable.  I love that you've made a preK friend.  We spend a LOT of time with Lillian...and I love it because you desperately need/desire that level of play that only another 5 year old can give you. (mommy is old and boring :))
 Your love for animals has not waned. It doesn't even matter what it is. You did NOT get this from me.
 Silly girl.  When I showed you the picture of yourself, you were appalled. It was funny!
 You love princesses and Barbies and Polly Pockets and your play horses. You role play with a vivid imagination EVERY day. It amazes me. It keeps you busy for hours sometimes. I love listening to you. You usually have no idea I'm listening. Your toys are well loved by you.
 Love this sweet picture from your birthday party. You are loved by all of your grandparents and Mommy and Daddy so very much.
 surprise a pink and purple pony, that flies, and we got to do a craft (cowboy hat)....there couldn't have been a more perfect costume for you this year.  You love "Sally" and slept with her that night and wore her around the house the whole next day. I never told you that it was a 2T/3T size and incredibly too small. It was the only one and you really wanted it and it just fit.  Your Nonna got it for you. I loved it on you.
 You were excited to have makeup (freckles) on.
 sweet friendship and sisterhood. You love the park.

Your love for animals doesn't even stop at stuffed ones.  You love them all.

Your boots and hat you got for your birthday.  You looked precious.

I get the privilege of being your Mommy! I sometimes bang my head against the doors and walls because you are so thick headed and stubborn, but so much like me. You amaze me, though, with how talented you are, how strong you are (both strength of mind and body), how vibrant you make our world. Sometimes when you are gone, after I get my much needed rest :), I realize how boring life would be without you in it.  You are beautiful, you are gifted, you are smarter than a whip, you are a leader, you are tender. You have the makings, the beginnings to be seriously ANYthing in the world you want to be. Your will and tenacity make you unstoppable when you want something and put your mind to it.  Stay strong (we will get through it together, no matter how hard it is) and pursue the path that the LORD has laid out for you. You will do big things. I know it. I can't wait to see His plan unfold for you.  I can't believe you're turning 5 in 5 minutes. It seems like just yesterday you were in my arms (nursing all the time). You are my baby girl and you always will be Rae.  We will have our ups and downs, but I will always love you with an untamable love, with unending prayers, with open arms, and yes, kisses to go with it. You hug and kiss at least a million times a day.  You still occasionally get me to carry you. You love to climb and run and dance and jump things (like a english horse).  You love all things animals, all things pink and purple and rainbow. You love your little sister. You love to sing and create. You love art and crafts like noone I've ever seen.  You are full of life and live it always on the go. You hate to slow down and rarely even want to sit long enough to watch tv. You are full of energy all the time. I have no idea how you keep going, but you always do.   I love you dear Creighton. Happy birthday sweetheart.

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