Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving...just a LITTLE one :)

 Pop had picked out these outfits for the girls before everything happened. They were suppose to be Christmas, but we thought they looked a little Thanksgiving-ish, so that's what the girls wore! :) Precious.

 I love them! 
 Charleigh was super happy on the way to Papaw's house!
 We were being crafty :) 
 Our attempt at a family picture.  It was okay...
 The goal was to take a family (all) picture but that never ended up happening.  And Clay and Owen were there but Lacy was with her family because her dad was sick, so it wouldn't have really been EVERYONE anyway...
 This was the result of our craftiness.  It is a bread basket but shaped like a turkey with feathers with all of our names on it! I think my sister secretly looks at Pintrest....but either way it was cute present for Nonna!
 Owen rocking the shades!
 Creighton  eating her yummy stuff! Pictures are all random but since Pop, it's really important to me to document life. So I do, even if they aren't great pictures. Real life, in motion, not set up, is just as important to me now.
 Charleigh ate like a CHAMP on Thanksgiving! She had like 5 plates full of food.
 Sarah Nicole is getting entirely too old! I can't believe she's turning 16 soon.  Oh, and there is a picture of my twice baked potatoes I made...woohoo I didn't know I had one of those! :)
 Not the best picture of us, but I love my mom and she did a WONDERFUL job of cooking a FABULOUS meal for all of us. She always works so very hard! She's a wonderful cook, but a great Nonna and Mom.
 My man! 
 My one and only sister! Only wish I saw her more!
 Finished product, now that the rolls are out of the oven.  Isn't it PRECIOUS!?
 Real life... :)
 There's Clay and Aaron! :) They don't love having their pictures taken so I have to steal shots :)
 Jacob and Jeff
 They had SO much fun riding these big wheels down the steep driveway!  All mess right there....:)
I walked into the office after a little while to see what my parents were doing. It appeared they were watching tv and playing on the computer....
 Till I got a little closer :)
 I'm sure they'll love me for this! :)  But oh well. Documenting REAL life and that's real.  They were WORN out.  Sleeping and snoring away....we let them rest for awhile before heading off to our traditional movie on Thanksgiving evening.  We saw The Muppets.  Jeff and the kids loved it.  I didn't care for it and was up and down at least 3 different times so I think I missed some, but really didn't care about missing it as I guess I just didn't follow the muppets when I was little enough to think it was "fun" or reminiscing in anyway :/ But whatever. :)  I love that we have a fun Little tradition and that it's awesome to look forward to each year. 

Thanksgiving was a time to reflect and be thankful, and even though we were still grieving, it was good to be thankful for what we have, how we've been blessed, and have a very FRESH reminder to be thankful each day for the family, the life, the blessings and love that we have.  It was a good time with family. I needed family, time, and home. I was glad to have the opportunity to have all three at the same time.  God is good. I am so thankful! Happy Thanksgiving...

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