Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day

Early in the morning (late in the night) Charleigh puked all over our bed.  She was feeling miserable but even when she doesn't feel well she's still cute! We had our first ever Christmas morning at our house. But we try for our Christmas not to be about presents and us, but we did do a little unwrapping. Each kid had a bag from Grammy to open up that had some fun treats in it!

 Afterwards, Charleigh got sick again...And then, much UN-according to plan, we headed out to miss the really nasty weather we were promised.  Only to find out that we were headed straight towards it and it all landed in Dallas instead of Tulsa. The weather was AWFUL and the pace was S.L.O.W.
 The kids were perfect angels and did awesome.
 Charleigh and her sweet self was NOT feeling good still...
 We thought we were in the clear of both the weather and Charleigh getting sick, when she let us know otherwise in a horribly awful gigantic way! It was so bad, that we decided to get a hotel for the night and trudge on the rest of the way to Houston the next day.
We scrubbed this sweet sick baby up, as well as the car, the car seat and everything within a 3 foot radius of where she was sitting.
I think the big kids were happy to be out of the car! 
We were ready for Jesus' birthday to be over by this point. We needed those "new mercies" that were promised new each morning! :) Thankfully we all got a decent rest and there were no more pukes, and the carseat was re-assembled in the right way.

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