Monday, December 31, 2012

CRUISE! Christmas with Nonna and Papaw

My parents told us in July that we were going to be getting a CRUISE for Christmas for everyone, all together! We were excited then, but the excitement the day of was insurmountable! Cousins!!!!

 The boarding process was quite lengthy and I am thankful that they were patient and fairly contained being together during that whole ordeal.

 I couldn't get this picture to flip for some reason, but I love it because I love my Daddy so much!

 Hours later we were finally close...
They took our picture all together and it was the only one we got the rest of the trip! And I didn't want to pay $30 for it so I just cheated and took an Iphone picture of it :) turned out just as nice!

 We got our cards and could see the boat!
 And finally made it ON board.
 We found our room. It was TINY, but we LOVED it (seriously).

We were waiting to push away from the dock and begin the trip...and what better to start off the trip than with...

 Unlimited, always available ICE CREAM

 The kids couldn't wait to get into their swimsuits! Even though it was FREEZING

 Didn't stop them!
 Charleigh started to not feel well and was thankful for a little bed all to herself.
 Each night we were greeted with a towel animal/figure.
Charleigh was sick for most of the trip, but was a super trooper. The big kids LOVED being in Camp Carnival which was nice because it was so cold and rainy we couldn't swim or be outside much. They were highly entertained by all the activities and festivities there.

 This was formal night! Everyone looked so nice!

 Nonna and Papaw
 Aunt Lacy and Uncle Clay

 Family Pics!

 It was a nice dinner and one of the first ones Charleigh survived through! :) Poor baby didn't do well on the ship. It was highly volatile waters and the boat was rocking like crazy! However, as soon as we got Charleigh feeling better, Jeff got really sick. ;( He was NOT feeling well when it came time to deboard the ship in Cozumel! But Daddy was a trooper and for about 2 hours we got off the boat.

 We took at $28 taxi round trip about 8 miles, in Mexico, without seatbelts and the driver was going about 90 miles an hour. It might have been one of the more stupid decisions we've made as parents. But oh well. We had fun and the kids were thinking it was awesome.
 We arrived at the beach and the salt in the water was not kind to Charleigh so she stayed in the sand with Daddy. Jackson swam around for a little while, but again, wasn't fond of the saltiness.

 Creighton and I played and played for as long as we could.

 Our time on land was short lived, but worth it. Hello and goodbye Cozumel.
Back on board and more eating...we ate all the time and lots of it! 

 The cruise was over and we were in the debarkation process. It, thankfully, wasn't as long as the boarding!
We ended the year of 2012 with a long travel day home, but it was infinitely better than the trip down. We made it safely home and were loving the time we had as a family. Thank you Nonna and Papaw for a great fun vacation. I am not sure cruises are the perfect combination for the Berg clan, but we were so thankful to have experienced it! :) It's been a blessed year and yet we are so excited for 2013!

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