Saturday, December 1, 2012

A December to Remember

December can be such a crazy month. I was determined to remember the little things and slow down. We did a lot but we also slowed down when possible and enjoyed each other. It was a month of giving on our 7 experiment. It was so nice to declutter the sunroom, our closets and drawers and every nook and cranny. But we gave of our time and finances as well and it was a great month!

Cutie Pie kids of mine hanging out at the church during one of our meetings!
 The girls LOVE tea parties, snack parties, and little anything parties. This was lunch in a make-shift table just their size. I LOVE when they are creative together and having fun....they are SOOOO cute!
 Charleigh has been sleeping in her Mickey couch bed and I found her here one morning...I guess a girl just needed a little Christmas tree lit sleep...sweet thing.
 They were putting on the "Three Bears" plays. Each of them did their own rendition from memory. Pretty cute!!!!
 Little diva in her dress up play earrings!
 Charleigh and I stole away a lunch date with Nonna one day at LaMadelines. It was surprisingly good and hit the spot!

 Bubba got a hair cut...we buzzed it all but he wanted a partial picture
 I did this to Creighton's hair and was SOOO pleased with it and she took it down before bed that night :( Oh well. At least I know I can do it...and it looked pretty!
 We went to the Christmas parade in Bixby! Pretty cold that night! Fun family time.
 Ashley had a birthday and so we celebrated with breakfast! Hoping to make that a tradition...two years running so far! Happy Birthday Ashley we love you so much!

 We snuck in a date night! Woo hoo! I love my man!
 This little man is growing up TOO fast. No that's not coffee! But he's so handsome!
 Terrie surprised Charleigh with and early Christmas present! She loved it....

 my crazy nerds!
 We are so blessed to have sweet youth that also love on my kids!!!
 Charleigh having fun dressing up...
 Jackson looking like he broke his neck...a dance party!

three (in reverse birth order)

 sweet Chelsea!

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