Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Birthday Party of Epic Proportions

The epic birthday party of all time (for little girls)! We always shoot for somewhere between the girls' actual birthdays to share a party! This year Nonna treated the girls to a big time bash at the Diva Girlz Studio that they had played at earlier this fall. It was a huge hit! Nails, hair, glitter, dress up and sugar!

 Creighton looks WAY TOO old in this picture. It's one of my most favorites of the three of them!

 Sweet cousin Kinsley!

 6 candles on that cupcake! Holy cow, time has truly flown by!
 3 sweet candles for my little cupcake!

 Brayton came and hung out with Jackson the only boys~

 Kinsley, Lillian, Creighton, Mollie, Mati and Charleigh! Sweet sweet bunch of girls.
 Happy birthday sweet princess!

 The birthday girls! (pre party)
 They did such a great job of setting it all up! It was fabulous
 Nonna's handi work and blessing!

 The dancing that happened at the end of the party was hysterical! It actually shocked me how naturally talented Creighton is...check out those toes, perfectly pointed!

 After party the presents unfolded! It was mass chaos and I don't think I ever really figured out what all either of them actually took home with us!
 Fun had by all and on a school night...probably won't make that mistake again though :)
Happy birthday sweet girls of mine! You crack us up! Thank you Nonna for such a fun evening! Thank you Grammy and Papa John and Grandma Debbie and Nonna and Papaw too for coming!

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