Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Grammy loves to buy Halloween costumes for us. This year, she was actually in town with us on Halloween and we all had a blast. 
 Love these 4 people. Jeff was "Mr. Awesome" Jackson was Power Ranger, Creighton was Black Widow (Avengers) and Charleigh was the cutest Mickey Mouse ever!

 I was PippyLongstockings but NOONE under the age of 30 had a clue who I was...that was heartbreaking...she needs to brought back! She's too easy of a costume. I must bring her back each year!
New Beginnings put on a Trunk or Treat out in the big field. It seemed to be hugely successful and was tons of fun. Grammy and Papaw were both there with us (which was nice to have one on one with kids...Jeff was working). Good times....

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