Sunday, October 21, 2012

Super FUN Grammy Time

Fall Break was the best ever! Grammy spoiled us rotten! Jackson had a mohawk for the break only.  Pretty funny to see him like that! We met Grammy in OKC and stayed in the hotel all weekend. Our first adventure out was to Build-A-Bear. It was our first ever experience there. They, of course, LOVED it!
Grammy spent some serious moola at the Build A Bear Workshop, but these three couldn't have been happier!
Meet Captain America loved by Jackson
Meet Roxy, handpicked, named and clothed by Charleigh
Meet Snowflake, diva bear by our own diva, Creighton
Roxy has her own bed and slept in it all night right by Charleigh
The next day we went to the Science Museum after breakfast! They (we all) had a blast and were there much longer than I ever expected to be. Charleigh skipped her nap even we were there so long. Super fun long day exploring everything under the sun!
The Segues were WAY cool. The kids loved them and so did the adults!

Jackson got called up on stage (seems to happen to him often) at the science show! Pretty cool.

So much hands on, tons of activities and things to explore! I love this place

My sweet beautiful smurf? Who cares, certainly she didn't.  She thought it was awesome. Thankfully it came off relatively easily.

We also went to the Zoo in OKC. It's SO big and spread out compared to the Tulsa Zoo, which we frequent often. I had fun, but thought it was actually too big to enjoy as much as the Tulsa Zoo.
 I think we took pics and sat on and climbed on EVERY animal statue's less than half of the pics we took that day!

It was super fun getting to feed the giraffes! Such neat animals especially so close up!

As usual swimming was an awesome addition to staying in a hotel as was the elevators and the workout room. I love it that they are amused by such small things!

Jackson was so proud that Captain America the bear and he could dress alike even at bedtime.
Thanks Grammy for such a very fun weekend! We all so much fun

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