Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Charleigh Tatum!

Getting measured on our family height chart!
 I can't believe you're 3! Seems like just yesterday I brought you home as a tiny little bundle of blessed joy!
 Birthday candles with Mickeys on your french toast sticks.
 We made an impromptu trip to Enid to be with Grammy and it worked out well for you because Grandma Debbie threw you a birthday party at Cherry Berry that was super fun and you got to play with your cousins on your actual birthday!

 Cute cake and Dallas Cowboys Mickey with blanket from Grandma Debbie and Papa John
 and your apron that you LOVE with kitchen utensils you use!!!
 My sweet lover of Mickey and RED you were a happy girl!

 back at home using your apron and utensils. You asked to use them every morning to "help us cook"

 Grandma Debbie sent you a VERY FUN surprise that was delivered!!!

 And we always love visits from Ms. Ashley! She loves you so very much!
I really can't imagine a cuter three year old in the whole world! You are a delight to us each day! Your bright smiles and sweet giggles and precious voice are adored by all. You are smarter than you should be and amaze us each day, not only with your vocabulary but in your understanding of deep and older age concepts. I love that you are passionate and that you love deeply. You are a tender little girl with a compassionate heart when others are hurting. You love to give hugs and kisses (but only to those whom you choose and when you want). You know exactly what you want and you want what you want when you want it and nothing else will suffice. You are stubborn and ornery as heck! But those are the things I love about you too. You keep us on our toes and in stitches constantly and we all love you more than you can ever possibly understand! There are so many people that love and adore you all over the place...you just have that thing about you. I love that. You have no deviated from your love of Mickey and Red, not even for a second. It's pretty fun because those things always excite you. You are still pretty shy with strangers but you are getting a little better! You have a deep deep deep connection with your Daddy and it makes my heart melt. (and his too!) You are the best little sister and we all love you! Happy Birthday sweet one!

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