Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Other exiting strategies

I am sick and it's awful. I feel like I have the flu minus vomit but with other exiting strategies and severe abdominal pain. I am miserable and so thankful for my sweet hubby. My head and my back are also in insurmountable amounts of pain. Maybe I am being a baby but I hate being sick. I really hope I get better tomorrow or tonight would not be too soon


hyperactive lu said...

Sounds like a flu bug. Ugh. Sounds awful. Sending you lots of well wishes.... Glad your Hubbie is there to take care of kids, the house and let you rest!

Kathryn said...

I would say that I am sending you hugs and kisses--but then I would probably get it...and you know, my friendship stops short of stomach bugs! :) But really--if you need anything, I will come to your aid, just call. But I am sending up prayers, hope you are better soon.

Kayla said...

I will be praing and hope you get better soon!! Has the medicine my mom brought helped yet??