Monday, January 26, 2009

Too Cold

I am such a wimp. This cold stuff is just...brrrr. I am too cold. I about cracked my tail bone at least 10 times today on the sidewalks and parking lots. Then it took me 3 full minutes to get my car in the garage because it wouldn't keep from sliding right back down the driveway. The kids' school closed early, and I was already stressing about getting everything done in the amount of time they were occupied, yeah, I am no where near completing my things to do today...and I am cold. :(


Becky said...

So sorry! Your weather sounds terrible . . . I don't miss that! Although a quiet day in the house would be nice, too. Or, I guess a not so quiet day!

Marci said...

If you are a wimp, I don't know what I am. I usually will not even leave the house if there is a dusting- - -remember our lunch date?

blessedwkids said...

I hate it when the weather messes up my "plans" so I understand how you feel...however, I'm VERY thankful for it this week. I needed to be home. I doubt I'll get much done, but I'm more in need of quality time with my kids. My mom just asked me if I can be in AR for a solid week next week. I will do it of course, but it's so hard for me to be away from my kids for that long...that's why I needed today.

I'm praying your day goes well and is enjoyable! Hey...take your kids out to the porch and blow bubbles with them and watch them freeze before they hit the ground...we're going to do that in a little while.