Friday, January 2, 2009

Snow Day!

So I am behind, but I am checking off my list slowly but surely!

The first big snow day started like this:

And I quickly got the kids ready to play outside. We "sled" around the yard with me being the workhorse of course!
Jackson ate lots of snow. When Jeff asked him if it tasted good he said no, but promptly put his face back in the snow :) weird, I know.

I hope they had more fun than this picture reflects:)

There, much better! She LOVED it. EVERY bit of it.

Then, she HAD to swing. Why not?! It is her most favorite thing in the whole world...she was quite happy for some time!
Still eating snow. I guess I need to tell him to be careful what he sticks that to. Thankfully we didn't have any emergency tongue-stuck incidences yet
WE made snow angels. Mine is the biggest in the middle and they are on either side of me (Creighton to the right, Jackson to the left) but theirs didn't show up as well as mine, and I think they thought I was crazy. Not sure they understood at all!
Sweet little man posing for one
And I LOVE this one.

At the end we helped Daddy move some wood from the pile behind the shed to the box on the deck. And I have pics of that too, it was quite cute and took 3 times as long as it would have, but it was awesome and they love to help, but I can't find them right now. I put them on my facebook though.


Dalene said...

You are such an active mommy!!! I don't remember getting that excited about the snow when the kids were little!!! Love matching snow angels....

Erin said...

I wish we had that snow down here...they sure look they are having a blast!!

jeff said...

workhorse?? the reason dad wasn't pulling the sled is because he WAS SHOVELING SNOW!!!!!

P.S. Where's the pics of us sliding down the driveway??

hyperactive lu said...

Looks like fun! We don't get snow in GA!!!