Sunday, March 29, 2009


Well Rae Rae left the scene early, but she was outside having TONS of fun until her gloves got too wet, came off and...well that was really bad. She was in hysterics. Then she found my old (non-Rx) glasses and started having fun inside. is what we were doing outside...

Working Hard...and Having Fun.
Jeff rolled the bottom ball and I rolled the middle ball and then Jackson and Jeff did the head.
Jackson was VERY proud of his first 'HOODG NO-Man'
Then we decided it would be fun to decorate. They put the scarf and eyes and smile and arms and a watergun and I put a tiara on it. Jackson decided that would NOT do.
But that he needed HAIR instead on his head. So off the tiara came, lots of twigs and grass and in went some buttons on his belly. Oh yes, and he needed ears. (I think they look like ear muffs...or Mickey...)
Here is our final product! :)

Look how WET he was! It was crazy. He (we) were all soaking wet. It was the best snow ever for packing, playing, and having fun. But it was really wet snow and cold! He was glad to come inside.
This is what happened today as the 'hoodg noman' started to melt. He wanted desperately to put his eyes that had fallen to the ground back in his head. And his mouth. And his ears. And couldn't understand what was happening. But they worked on it together and were very cute. Until they got VERY muddy.

But really...when it makes a kid this cute...look even cuter...AND can a mom say no!

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khowze said...

That last picture of Jackson is SO him! Cute!