Thursday, March 5, 2009


I wish I could blog today and say I am chipper and all is well. Neither are true.

I am sick with a cold that is kicking my butt.

My kids are at least trading turns (most of the time) on who will be headstrong and defiant, but defiant and headstrong they press on.

I am tired as sleep is not coming.

Still claiming His promises, but still within a mighty battle. Now physcially as well as emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Can I get a hoo-ra?


Dalene said...

Hoo-Ra here to Sunday! Sorry you're icky. When I had teeny children I would dream of the day I "could" be sick (you know...stay in bed, watch movies, read, recover). Being sick with little ones is the pits. When I'm sick now, I sort-of enjoy it in a very "sick" way. Get better!

Laura said...

I am sorry you are yucky too. It is really hard to take care of little ones or anyone else when you feel yucky... and yet the mommy job still keeps going. I pray you can get some good rest in all areas this weekend and that Jeff can take the kids out for a while. At least to get you a good long nap.