Monday, February 1, 2010

Jackson and Nonna's Snowman

My mom and dad came up this past weekend because she just couldn't handle the peer pressure from Jackson. We got a heavy snow and he wanted to make a snowman WITH NONNA.  I swear the kid would not make one unless it was with her. I don't know where he even got the idea, we've never made one with her before (that I remember anyway). But after he begged for 2 days for her to come up in the ice, she did.  I must say it was absolutely hilarious listening to him talk to her on the phone.  He was saying: "it's just snow, not ice, it's not ice till the snow melts, Nonnna" "you can make it, just try" "just try, you can, I know it" "there is no snow in our driveway" (Jeff shoveled it all off that's why).  It was priceless. I guess he really really wanted his Nonna...and what Jackson wants, Jackson gets :)
Can you see Creighton's snowball in mid air?
She threw that one and then ran because Nonna was throwing one right back at her :)
They had fun and Jackson got his snowman...and we used the coloring squirt bottles again and this time with purpose.  It was a great time for all!
The final product and 3 happy people :)
This is a pic I snagged of my mom and Charleigh. I have to give it to you look beautiful...I love you. Thank you for sacrificing and coming up in the freezing cold and ice.

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Anonymous said...

Pretty sure your mom is getting younger and younger instead of older. I swear she is!
Love the new pix! I am so glad you put the blog back up, as it is my way to keep up with you guys!