Monday, February 1, 2010

Letter to Charleigh

Well sweet girl you are officially over a quarter of a year old! It's hard to believe! Time has not slowed down since you came into our family. You are such a delight, the perfect addition to our family. I tell everyone you are my "redemption baby" because you are SO good. Your personality is perfect. You are cuddly, giggly, smiley, and all together just relaxed.  That is until you are hungry...then you get those lungs working, but you are quieted as quickly as you cry.  It seems we always know what you need, or at least what calms you down. You have bonded so well to all of us, and since I am writing this letter, I'll say it, I feel we have the greatest bond :) But that is because I cannot put you down.  I LOVE holding and snuggling you...and I think you do too!  When I put you in the MOBY, you immediately crash.  I think it's because you are held tight, warm and get to hear my heartbeat.  Either way, we both love the MOBY. 

You are giggling and gurgling and cooing constantly and tonight for the first time you had an audible laugh! I LOVED it. It filled me with joy to hear your laughter.  I did everything to get you to do it again, and you did, but only once more.  I have a feeling we'll be hearing it more and more as the days pass.  You are quite smart and I am pretty sure if you could you'd be talking in phrases already.  I think you'll master your words first. I can't wait, just absolutely cannot wait, to hear the first "mama" come out of your sweet mouth, with that sweet voice.  If you can't tell I am just in love with you and adore you more than I ever thought I could.  Life has been fantastic these past three months and I am so glad that you are here to spend it with us!

You are working on rolling over from your stomach to your back...I bet it would help if you weren't on my chest all the time.  But I am sure you'll get there soon.  You've done it, but shhhh, don't tell anyone, I helped you a little :)  Your neck is getting stronger every day and so is your upper body strength! I think you'll be thrilled to pieces to be able to sit up. We've tried you in the Bumbo a few times and you just haven't mastered the neck strength to sit in there longer than about 1 minute.  But that's a start. :)

Your most favorite toy is this musical kaelidescope that your Grandma Debbie and Papa John got you for Christmas. You already know how to turn it on/off and you do all the time.  Your big brother and sister like to play with it with you too.  They change out the "cds" in it for you to have different music.  But beyond that and your bouncy seat which is appropriately dubbed the "pooper chair" for you, you really like it when people entertain you.  You love it when Jackson and Creighton are home and they certainly love you!  I have to constantly tell them to get out of your face, but it's only because they love you.  When no one is around I snuggle and nuzzle your face too :) (shhhh!)

You are sleeping through the night like a champ and have been for some time. This my child is a miracle.  I seriously didn't think it was possible because neither your sister nor your brother did it till after a year old! Whew, I think that is one reason I am able to enjoy your infancy more because I have some rest in me :)

Well, you are fall asleep almost every night in my arms and then I put you in your bassinet.  You are the cutest baby I've ever seen, and I don't mind it a bit that everyone tells me we look alike :) I am glad :)  God chose you to be with us, to be a Berg, and I think He knew exactly what He was doing, down to the very last detail!

Love you sweet baby,

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Hannah said...

Glad you're back, by the way. Missed you.