Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Random Picture Post

This kid is starting school next year and I am SO sad about that!

getting big...looks so different with no hair :)
love it
Happy Valentine's Day
Please for the love of good, do not buy any more dolls or animals of any kind, for any reason for my children! PLEASE! This is absurd! And every single one of those dolls have names! EVERY.SINGLE.ONE.


Anonymous said...

Love the random pictures. You should have hidden Charleigh somewhere on the couch with all the dolls and animals like a Where's Waldo!!!
I can't believe how big they are all getting.
Love you guys and see you in a month!

Amanda said...

I had heard that you adopted! Congratulations, she is beautiful! Aaron and I are interested in adopting if we are not too tired from our little Caroline. She is seven months old and STILL doesn't sleep through the night most of the time!!! Anyway, we are moving back to Bville in a few weeks, and I was checking to see if Grace had any morning bible studies with childcare. I'm going to miss my one here in Katy :(
Amanda McDonald

Dalene said...

I was looking for Charleigh among the dolls, too! Ha Ha! WOW! I agree! No. More. Dolls. Take it from me, you need to start taking those out one at a time.

Wow, your kiddos are just so amazingly beautiful! Congrats, Mom!

Three Cups Full said...

love the picture with all the stuffed animals :)

fun seeing your cute family!