Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Funny Boy!

Occasionally (rarely) Jackson has "homework" to do.  Yesterday I didn't end up checking his bag till later in the evening on his way to bed. I noticed he had an assignment to cut out circles from a magazine. It wasn't due till Thursday, but I figured, oh well, let's do it.

So we sit down and begin looking for circles.  He finds a picture of a man on a bike and wants to cut out the wheels for his circle.  He starts and then says matter-of-factly, "Mom this looks like Daddy" pointing to the man ON the bike.  I busted a gut laughing so hard because the man on the bike was LEBRON JAMES!  Lebron James on bike

I was seriously not able to control my laughter, which I felt bad for because of course I didn't want Jackson to think I was laughing at him (just at his ridiculous comparison)

Jeff continued to ask him why he thought he looked like him.  Finally he said because he had a helmet like Jeff does when he rides his bike....which makes it not funny, but at least I know my kid isn't totally blind :)

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