Sunday, September 26, 2010

*ville Cd Release Party

This would be the cutest little *ville mascot/fan ever! You can't really tell in any of the pictures, but she's wearing the *ville shirt as a dress, with a purple belt, tied up on the arms (because they were down to her wrists) and sporting first ever pig tails in the hair. She knows she's cute, too!

This is our oldest son, Taylor Michael. His littlest sister is his favorite and she loves "tay-tay" too!

This weekend was *ville's Cd Release Party and it was great. There were over 70 people in attendance. The boys (Chris Doe and Taylor) were amazing I think all had a good time.

My mom and dad drove up to support the boys and help me with Charleigh. Is she not adorable!?

Here is some of the crowd...

The boys again...Sunrise over Kansas!

You really should check them out. I obviously a little biased, but I am a pretty convinced they'll make it quite far...and that you will like them.  Have a listen...

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The Schumachers said...

I agree, they were AMAZING!! I can't quit listening to their CD. It has been the soundtrack to our weekend!!