Saturday, September 25, 2010

2010 Scottish Games

Last year we went to the Scottish Games in Tulsa.  We went again this year.  Here are some fun pics! It was SO blazing hot we were drenched in sweat from head to toe, but the kids loved it.
Jeff and Jackson in their matching kilts.  Jackson had to have been the cutest little Scot there! LOVED it. 
They have games for the kids and this year they were much more able to actually participate in them. Creighton struggled a little, but completed every task except the sack race. I don't think she understood what was expected and thus she face planted several times and gave up.  Can't say I blame you baby! 
 Here they are after they finished their little Scot games for kids. HOT!
 These pics are all out of order, but oh well (*I am trying to get used to the new format of blogging and loading pics from our new Mac).
 Charleigh had a blast in the Bjorn. I wore her for a little bit and then traded with Jeff so my back wouldn't DIE like last time.
 This was from the 3 legged race. Rae didn't love the idea of being tied down to her brother, but they did complete the race. :) And look how cute they look doing it!

This was a few hours after we'd arrived and we were READY to go.  You can't tell because I am wearing black, but my shirt was wring-worthy. This was me at the end of the day. Creighton "couldn't" walk anymore and so I had been carrying her in the front only carrier on the back. It actually worked out ok. It didn't hurt my back nearly as bad to carry her on my back as it did to carry Charleigh in it on the front, go figure? But Charleigh wouldn't let anyone else carry her to the car, so I looked quite like the pack mule! :)
Everyone crashed in the car before we made it 5 miles. That was nice. We drove around for a little bit.  Then we needed to get a few things at Target before we had dinner at the Steele's. Thankfully both the boys took off their kilts so we didn't stand if that's possible. :)

I sure love these 4 people more than words can say!

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