Monday, September 21, 2009

A whirlwind week!

This past week has just been one for the record books!!  It started with grieving news of a friend of ours.  Everything surrounding that was never really without our thoughts, as we had lots and lots of conversations, phone calls, etc. all week long.  So with that as the overcast for the week...the rest of the week went a little nuts. 

We had two sets of company, totalling 5 days between the two of them.  It was so much fun having folks over, but it's also tiring, when you are already tired, to be any kind of hostess, amid the chaos.  Monday was just a hard day altogether in lots of ways.  Tuesday we had bible study, then a playdate at the Duck Pond, then Ladies Night Out! We had Nikao Vespers Night which is always a good time, but lots of prep work for Brit and Jeff.  We took a trip to the Zoo to get away from it all for awhile.  I wrote more about that day in this post.  So that was quite the crazy day.

Friday night we had the "self divided" football game (Enid vs Bartlesville) and we stayed to the end of the game!  Jeff invited people over 2 nights in a row and they stayed way late...little sleep! 

Then this weekend we had Walk This Way, which went amazing!  But again, just a little crazy and puts us way off schedule.  My parents came up for dinner on Saturday night.  Then Sunday, we had WTW again, then we went to meet Jeff's parents at the Scottish Games (festival) in Tulsa.

 This is where I tried to win $100 carrying 2- 100 pound barrels (one in each hand) as far as I could. I got second place, traveling 41 feet, before my left hand just could not bare the pain of my wedding ring digging mightily into my hand.  I may not have gotten the money, but I have a nice souvenier on my left hand :( I really think I could have beat that girl who won...although she was WAY bigger than me in every category.  I was too competitive not to at least try...but oh man those things are SO SO heavy! It was unbelievable.

Anyway, to say the very least, I was CRASHED last night in bed long before I usually even think of being tucked away.  Too bad Creighton was up at 3am.  I was up from 3-6ish and so I am still very tired.

 But today wouldn't wait. I had to work up at the school because it was picture day!  We had fun. The kids were So SO SO cute, I just hope some of the pics turned out. 

Pressing on through this week!  And, of course, in the forefront of all of my thoughts are the baby...and all the questions that come along with that.  The ever-increasing excitement, yet, at the same time,'s just a lot for my little brain!

I have done 3 loads of laundry so far, and have 4 more piles to do, and a trip to Walmart!'s all good.

***Edited to add: I just remember two more things that were HUGE in our week!  Jeff and the other youth ministers set out on a task of passing out 3500 Bibles to Washington county Public schools!  It was insane, but it was all completed! Yea God!  And the other thing was the kick-off to one of our biggest ministries for Nikao--Life Hurts God Heals was on Monday night!  Thank goodness it was a reminder that yes, LIFE DOES HURT, but more importantly that GOD HEALS!  I am sure I am leaving out other things...but I just wanted to document it all so I can look back and remember that our life is/was a little on the insane side and we all made it out okay :) (atleast that is my prayer)

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jeff said...

Isn't my wife amazing for putting up with me and our schedule!!