Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Life Updated...:)

Our adoption process is rolling.  We did our fingerprints, we have a social worker, and we have a scheduled home study.  The home study is coming up on Monday.  I am more excited than nervous...which I am sure will rapidly reverse as Monday morning rolls in, but for now, I am just glad. I am grateful for open doors and for God's grace and provision through this time.  It does help that I really really LOVE paperwork and organizing and having tasks to do.  You think I am kidding, but I am not. I am a certified dork, and I am okay with that. :)  So, what might seem like a ton of overwhelming work to most, is actually a ton of fun for me. I love it.

Jackson: he is just amazing! I am so in love with this little boy.  Age four has been A-mazing for us.  He did a 180.  Yes, he is still active (quite active actually) but he is very much still my lover, my cuddler, my Mr. Charming.  He loves to watch himself in the mirror, he is a deep and quite thinker when he wants to think.  He has begun to enjoy his alone time (in small increments).  He is the best sleeper in the world--which seriously, wow!? I never thought I'd be able to say that about him.  He is a very good big brother to Creighton too.  I see him giving into her desires a lot of the time now, which is so awesome to see.  He adores his Daddy and me too! He tells me he loves me all the time and gives lots of cuddles, hugs and kisses!  I just love those big blue eyes and that blonde hair and that INCREDIBLY big heart.  He is learning so much in his preschool class and is doing very very well there this  year.  I love his teacher, too!  She has really connected with him to bring out the very best behavior and learning from him!  It's awesome.  Such a change just from this summer...I love you sweet boy!  Some of the things you really enjoy right now: drawing/writing in your 'bible study' (a batman notebook), sticks/rocks and climbing trees, absolutely LOVE swinging (and you do it for a long time almost've mastered the pumping all by yourself now too!), books...specifically search and find ones (you are very detail oriented like your momma!), organizing (like me), dancing, movies (Ben-10 & Transformers are your two favs I think because you know I don't approve), and the color blue!

Creighton:  She is hilarious.  This kid has more facial expressions than ANY one/thing I know of.  Literally in one day we will see at minimum 40-60 different ones.  She is sassy and confident and such a leader!  Her teacher continually tells me each day how advanced she is.  I don't doubt that for a second. Her motor skills are out of this world...and you would think she has a motor in her with how much this child sings and talks...constantly.  I don't know how she keeps up with herself, because I have to try really hard every day.  She is still taking a nap about 90% of the time.  She is sleeping decently well at night now too which is nice. She just is a social butterfly and doesn't like being alone.  So, she doesn't particularly like it when she finds herself off to find mom or dad or 'bubba' when the eyes open.  Thankfully she still likes to fall back asleep with us in the early mornings.  She adores Jackson and does or tries to do EVERYTHING he does.  She'll have a hard time when he goes to big school I am sure.  She thinks she is about 8 I think...and acts like she's 13.  I can't imagine when she is actually that old...but one day at a time is doing us pretty well for now.  You are growing so much everyday and you are precious!  You love love love being a girl.  You flip your hair, you use your hips, you carry a little pink fluffy purse every day, you love dresses, you hate your hair being fixed though--and man is it WILD when it is not up, you love pink, you love babies and you are SO excited about being a big sister you can barely contain yourself.  You want everything Jackson matter what it is.  Its precious! I love you little silly mongoose! (even though you don't like it when I call you that!)

Jeff: Nikao is very busy right now and Jeff has been working a ton of hours and working really hard to get this ministry season rolling smoothly.  WOrking out kinks daily!  It's exhausting, but thankfully he's really good at it!  August was a crazy month with everything from vacation, birthday, anniversary, new ministry season and starting the adoption process.  It's been a true whirlwind...

Me: long before I knew we'd be going through the adoption process I decided not to lead a small group this year.  It's been a long time coming for me to have a season off and I am enjoying getting to not be in the big mix right now. It gives me more time to focus on the the two kids at home and the one on the way :)  I am really enjoying life right now and am loving where my kids are at.  I think it's been really fun to see how fast they grow up before your eyes.  I am at a good place. 

The other day we were swinging outside and Jackson asked where Charleigh and Jayson were.  I was trying to figure out how to age-appropriately answer that question when Creighton chimed in: with Jesus.  It was so simple.  So True.  So exactly what my heart needed to hear, and apparently hit the spot for Jackson's question too! I love it.

Another funny thing from Creighton: today, again while swinging, she said "Mommy I don't love you a little."  I thought maybe she was trying to be a little mean when she finished her sentence, "I love you berry much"  Melt my heart sweet girl. I love you berry much too!

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