Monday, September 7, 2009

Tied the Knot!

My little brother, Clay, got married this weekend.  It's so crazy to me that he is even old enough to do so, because, to me, he'll always be like 10 or something.  But, even so, when you are actually 25 and in love with 'the one', then I guess Labor Day weekend was a good choice :)  We love you Lacy! Welcome to the family.  Clay, everything went amazing.  Thanks for letting us be a part of your special day!  Can't wait to see all the pics and hear about Belize!
This is my brother watching as Lacy came down the aisle!  (and the rest of the wedding party too).
I don't have any more pics of the actual wedding because I didn't have the camera, but our whole side of the family was in need of kleenex during a majority of the ceremony!  It was touching
My mom is a hostess/servant by nature and doesn't know how not to be, even when she should just enjoy and relax!  I think this was the only time she sat the entire weekend, thus the only picture I have of her.  But she was beautiful both at the rehearsal dinner and the wedding itself.  Great job mom with all the work you put into the weekend! I know they loved it.
I love these pics of my sweet little (daredevil) angel smelling the flowers.  She didn't make it down the aisle (only half way) but she sure made a beautiful flower girl, nonetheless! :)  Too bad she wasn't quite as brave on the aisle as she was on the 20 foot wall she felt the need to climb!
my favorite is this one...
My grandma and lots of others drove up from Houston to be here. I wish we got to see them more often!  My kids love "Granmal Max" :)
My POOR sister has got the award for coming to a wedding within 12 hours of a major surgery.  On her way from Houston to Shawnee she was in the middle of having major pain  (appendicitis).  Lord only knows how He got her all the way there in one piece.  But she pretty much drove straight in to the hospital/ER only to be admitted and told she wouldn't be going anywhere anytime soon.  She had surgery a few hours later.  She was bound and determined to get to the wedding the next day and in true Christy-style, that is exactly what she did!  She even went to the reception...but man she definitely over did it and paid for it last night and today.  My dad drove her and her 3 kids home today and hopefully she'll be able to rest. I think the trip was a hard one on her newly opened body!  She's awesome.  So glad she was able to come...just wish it wouldn't have been with 3 extra holes in her body. 
The kids had a blast at the reception...tearing it up on the dance floor! :)  So precious.
Just the three of us! :)
It was so fun to see so many different people, both family and friends, that we don't see often or enough!  I loved it. 

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Molly said...

Wow, you had a fun filled weekend and still were ready for that homestudy? You amaze me girl!

Can't wait to see you Saturday! Did you find a hotel?