Friday, September 18, 2009

Zoo, Gymnastics, Life Book

Yesterday we went to the Zoo with our kids.  They have wanted to go for a long long time and this is really the first time it was possible that it wasn't raining.  And really, we ALL needed to get out of town and focus on other things!  It was great. 

So even though we were in Tulsa already, and I had a meeting in Tulsa in just a few short hours, we drove all the way back to Bartlesville because 1) the kids had gymnastics and 2) our LIFE BOOK was suppose to be on our front porch and I was very excited about the latter!

We got them to gymnastics only being 2 minutes late.  I had to wake them up from being asleep (as was I) and rush them out of the car.  All that and they WOULD.NOT.STAY. for anything, and I mean anything.  It was slightly embarassing, mostly just VERY frustrating!  But I dragged them both back out to the car barefoot by this point.  Only to have them start screaming, OF COURSE, as we are pulling out that they wanted to stay.  I was beyond frustrated, but felt that (and it helped that I was now going to be late to my meeting in Tulsa even if we headed straight home) this would be a great learning opportunity for them to realize that their choices have meaning and effects.  So we left, they cried.  But I am hoping that they never pull that again.

We got home and our Life Book WAS on the porch, yea God!  It was my prayer all week.  And I might add that it wasn't promised till sometime between Friday (today) and Tuesday of next week.  So, the fact that it was there, was truly a God answered prayer! :)  I love love love our Life Book.  Cheryl from CPO said she thought we had done a great job with it and her assistant told us we profiled very well! :)

So I sped (yes, illegally) all the way to Tulsa.  I was 'graced' with a very nice set of pace cars all the way there.  I got there exactly at 7pm.  Woo hoo! 

The meeting is for all adoptive families and it is a requirement that you and your husband attend at minimum four in order for your adoption finalization to begin.  So, even though Jeff wasn't with me, I was ecstatic to be there.  And personally hand deliver my Life Book! 

The other families that were there each were different, and each of us were in different places in the journey of adoption.  We were right in the middle.  That was a good place for me to be.  I felt I learned a lot.  I have questions.  I had questions that were answered...honestly.  Sometimes that was scary to hear.  But at the very same time, it was good.  I felt love in the room like I haven't experienced in that way before.  I felt a connection to people I had NEVER even met.  I loved it. I am excited to go to the next one.  I was invited to come as a volunteer to the Birthmom meetings which happen each Tuesday.  I do believe I will be trying very hard to get to one of those soon.

Cheryl said our Life Book would begin to be shown immediately and that there are currently 22 on hand.  Who knows how many girls will come through the agency, or drop in to the hospitals in the next few weeks and months, but if you'd join with me in praying for all of them, and specifically for the one that will be a part of our lives forever, I'd much appreciate that!

God is good.

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Those are some great pictures... Who took those?? :)