Monday, September 21, 2009

Colors and A HUGE DEAL

Earlier this summer, Jeff painted the kids' rooms the colors of their choice.  Both of them have 3 walls one color and 1 wall another color.  I wasn't for sure if I ever showed their new rooms.

Here is Jackson's room!  3 blue walls, 1 green wall

And I was SOOOOOO proud of myself this weekend.  I have been wanting a day bed for Creighton's room for a LONG time, but we haven't had the money.  Well, as I was lost trying to find something else entirely this weekend I 'happened' upon a garage sale.  I found the deal of the century!  Look at this wonderful beautiful day bed I got for her for only $25!!!!!!  I LOVE IT! And you can see her pink (3) and orange (1) walls in this picture too!

The kids love their beds and bedrooms.  I can't believe Creighton is SO big.  I love her new bed probably more than she does.  I am still in shock I only paid twenty five dollars for it! It's really really nice and heavy duty real wood.  I dusted and polished it and re-covered the underside padded boards and my mom found a new bedspread (shown) for $8!  It's perfect: pink with Orange trim...looks so good on her orange wall!

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jeff said...

I'm awesome!!

HOWEVER, I did have 'help'... Well, some of the folks were very helpful not to name names (Brittany, Lauren, Tyler, Jeff and Taylor)!! Yes, the rest of you were of No real help, also not to name names (Nathan, Andy, Ben, Zach, Troy, Courtlyn, etc.)